Life Change Happens Now: 21 Days Devoted

LIFE CHANGE HAPPENS NOW                                                                                                                21 DAYS DEVOTED
Day 20 of 21
Matthew 9: 37-38, John 6:44, Luke 19:10
As followers of Christ, we are called to share the good news of the gospel leading others to salvation. Jesus calls us all to follow Him as He came to save the world. We are created in God's image and carry a unique reflection of our Creator. Because we live in a sinful and fallen world, we all need and receive salvation through God’s grace and not through our works. It’s not what we do, it’s what He already did. It’s what is done. When we come into a relationship with Jesus, we are made new. The Bible says that Jesus came to find and save all those who are lost. We are invited to partner with God to stand in the gap and pray for those around us who are not in relationship with Jesus. We are called to testify of God’s goodness and share our life change in Christ with others. As we partner with God we build His kingdom with eternal impact in mind. The reflection of God in us and the power of our testimony is able to impact those around us. Our progression and not perfection allows us to share what God is doing in our hearts. As we live authentically for Christ we invite others to do the same by receiving salvation and experiencing God's grace and love in their own lives. Revival starts with us!
Put It Into Practice:
  • How has God saved you and transformed your life?
  • Write down and pray for those in your life who are far from Christ.
Lord, I thank you for your saving grace. I thank you for the gift of salvation through your Son, Jesus Christ. Today, I stand in the gap praying that you will soften the hearts of those who are far from you. No one is too far from your love to be touched and transformed by you. I believe in faith that those in my life that do not know you, will come to a relationship with you! I pray that I may reflect you well with all that I do. I will testify of your glory and praise your name. Revive me, so I may be a part of bringing revival to others. Amen!

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