Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

We believe in investing our best in the next generation. We have different classrooms and nurseries available for your children ages 0 - 4. During this time, they will be taught lessons from the bible while helping to develop basic motor skills. We believe in creating a safe and comfortable environment for each child while you are in service. We want to be a part of helping to raising up your child through God's instruction, in a community of believers!

Virginia Barrick

Nursery Director

Hours of Operation


9:00 & 10:30am



West Wing

Babies to kindergarten - children will learn about God's great love for them. In our classrooms, we are learning to be tiny disciples through age appropriate play and activities.
 • 6 weeks - 12 months ||  • 12 - 24 months
A place for babies and toddlers to discover who God is through the love, care and prayer they receive from our volunteers. They discover who God is through age-appropriate Bible stories, activities, worship and prayer.
 • 2 - 3 years ||  • 4 years - Kindergarten
Where children have fun, play games, and build relationships with each other. Our group leaders help children explore who God is and learn  about his great love for us. We have many engaging activities, songs, and bible stories for you child to explore in the bible!