Mission Peru

In 2003, after much prayer, Enid First Assembly made the decision to focus the majority of our missions efforts on the country of Peru. We set out with a very ambitious list of goals. First, to involve our people in the great commission by not only giving, but actually going on missions trips. We sponsor two work/training trips to Peru a year. To date, over 325 different attendees of EFA have traveled to Peru. Some have been as many as 15 times.

Secondly, we wanted to build. We wanted to take our people and work side by side with the Peruvians. As of 2014, we have built two entire youth camp facilities, a retreat center, a children’s home, and a large number of churches. In our absence, we have a number of Peruvians who continually work on the projects for us. Currently, we have just finished and dedicated a beautiful training center. Now we are taking on the challenge of building churches for these pastors and congregations.

Our next goal was to train and equip pastors. Every six months we have a conference where the pastors and their families come from up and down the Amazon for training and encouragement. During these times of training we also have tremendous services. Each pastor goes through an extensive three-year study program before being credentialed.

Finally, no matter what part of the country we are in, we seek to change the physical world of the people living there. We minister In poverty-stricken areas where the Humanitarian needs are great. Not only are we determined to spread the gospel and minister to the spiritual needs of the people, but we see the physical needs and are attempting to meet them. At the present time, we drill one to two water wells every six months, and each year we deliver thousands of bibles and give out hundreds of pairs of eyeglasses.

It has been nothing short of miraculous what God has allowed us to be a part of and accomplish. What began as a labor of love born of obedience to the call has transformed into a group of Oklahomans falling in love with a country and, more importantly, a group of brothers and sisters who just happen to live in another part of the world. We will continue to work in Peru until we feel the Spirit leading us elsewhere. To God Be The Glory!