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Here you will find everything you need to know about who we are and what we believe at Enid First Assembly. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

All About Enid First Assembly:

Our Mission: We will do anything short of sinning or compromising the gospel of Jesus Christ to get as many people to heaven as possible.

Our Culture: Our gatherings are all about building community through acts of service and acts of love.

Our Vision: To create an environment where each person can experience the Lord in a real and a relevant way.

Our Values: 1. Salvation 2. Community 3. Love 4. Missions

What You Will Find:

Relevant Worship: The worship experience gives freedom for the believer to express their love to God in Biblical ways, but does not require a person to worship in a certain way.

Casual Dress: In our worship times, people are free to dress in the manner they feel most comfortable. God looks at our hearts, not our dress.

Creative Communication: We believe the never changing message of Christ found in the Bible can be presented in a variety of ways. Creative communication techniques such as music, multimedia, and the arts are used.

Congregation of Diversity: Our church targets no specific group, but welcomes all people equally. Our congregation is comprised of people from different generations, ethnic and racial backgrounds and spiritual experiences. We desire to be a church for children, students, singles, families, senior citizens or any other people God may bring us.

Climate of Prayer: Prayer is valued as an essential ministry of our church. There will be several opportunities to pray at each gathering. Prayer for physical, emotional and spiritual needs is available during our services.

Close Relationships: The church should be all about relationships. We encourage our community to develop friendships and extend these relationships beyond our services.

Commitment to Excellence: Our worship times are designed to be Spirit-led gatherings that equip and edify the believer. We attempt to provide an efficient, powerful and meaningful experience each week.

Community Involvement: We want to influence our community by having our people involved in activities outside of the church. We as a church want to influence and impact our friends, neighbors and community.

Challenge to Grow: We believe that Christians should be growing in love toward God and others. Messages, teachings, and programs are designed to bring the Christian to maturity in Christ.

Commitment to Integrity: A lack of integrity among church attendees or its leadership reflects on the local church and the Kingdom of God. Matters of morality, finances, and ethics are handled with complete integrity and accountability.

Continual Focus on the Next Generation: Our church’s commitment to the next generation will be reflected in specific ministry to nursery, toddlers, elementary children, middle school, high school and collegiate students. Our church will commit our leadership, finances, and priorities to develop ministries to these groups and their families.